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Real change takes effort. Sponsor Challenges that provide step-by-step guidance towards that change – And provide concrete proof the effort was worth it.

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What’s a Challenge? Why Efforia?

A Challenge invites your target audience – customers, followers, patients – to participate in activities designed to improve themselves or their community. We enable you to use Challenges as a revenue generating strategy by combining it with other business and evaluation tools.

What is Efforia?

Efforia is the only online platform that includes everything you need to run a Challenge.

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Selected integrations

  • Calendar & To Do Lists

    and more...

  • Connected Health Device

    and more...

  • CRM & Marketing

    and more...

  • 01.

    A Coaching Platform

    Create and manage step-by-step activity instructions and guides - everything from full scale courses and workout plans to simple reminders and notifications.

  • 02.

    A Marketing Engagement System

    Coordinate and track automated messaging, reminders and product fulfillment across thousands of participants that support the repeated activities that get them to their Challenge goals.

  • 03.

    A Revenue Management Infrastructure

    Manage participant access fees, product markups and service fees all with easy set up and reports.

  • 04.

    A Scheduling Assistant

    Prioritize your Challenge activities by automatically scheduling them in the calendar and to do list your audience already uses.

  • 05.

    A personalized tracking and evaluation tool

    Deploy connected devices, lab tests, and patient reported outcome measures to show progress and results.

  • 06.

    A social network focused on real
    and meaningful effort

    Foster a real community with connections and interactions based on dedicated and specific activities geared towards a shared goal.

Participants Join Challenges to

Invest time & Effort Wisely track the impact of that effort

  • Do rather than follow

    Change is more than inspiration

    Go beyond being inspired by those at the peak of their game. Implement the strategies they use to reach their goals - and make them your own.

  • Put in the right kind of effort

    Change takes smart, guided strategies

    Get every product, every service, every step-by-step detail to start and maintain your goal with coaching from the experts - at exactly the point ypu need it.

  • Get a personalized scheduling assistant

    Change takes consistent effort

    Connect your calendar and to do list to get a personalized Challenge schedule that continually adapts to your crazy life.

  • Determine if the effort is actually worth it for you

    How did I move the needle?

    See how your consistent effort drives improvement (or not). How have you changed from where you started? How do you compare against others in the Challenge?